Colonel Victor Hoffman (voiced by Jamie Alcroft) commands Fenix and Delta squad and is one of the best surviving COG officers. He frequently communicated with Delta squad throughout Gears of War. Early in Gears of War, Hoffman is reluctant to reinstate Fenix into the military, stating "A tratior like you doesn't deserve to wear a uniform". However, given the COG's dwindling number of armed forces, he allows Fenix to fight. Hoffman eventually grows to trust Fenix; Hoffman allows him to lead Delta squad, and ultimately helps save him from falling from a King Raven in the game's end sequence. He receives a slightly larger role in Gears of War 2's plot, and even assists Delta squad during the game's final act. He has a much larger role in the novels, where he is responsible for the defense of Anvil Gate during the Pendulum Wars, and assists Chairman Prescott in leading the COG throughout the years since E-Day. Hoffman returns to command Anvil Gate in Gears of War 3. Marcus and Delta squad seek Hoffman to decipher an encrypted data disk, which contains information on Adam Fenix's whereabouts and plan to destroy the Lambent and Locust forces. He helps them fight off a Locust and Lambent attack and after deciphering the information, directs them to a nearby shipyard to get an abandoned submarine for the trip to the island of Azura. Hoffman gives them vehicles for the trip, including a fuel tanker, but chooses to remain behind to defend Anvil Gate for as long as he can while they try to enact the plan. At the end of the game, he is shown watching the destruction of the Locust and Lambent with Bernie.