Sofia Hendrik (voiced by Ali Hillis) is a Gear soldier in the COG army who served in Kilo Squad. During the Pendulum Wars, Sofia was a journalist, but joined the army after Emergence Day, and was sent to the Onyx Guard Academy in Halvo Bay. She believed in doing things by-the-book, and felt that ethics should not be compromised for victory. Despite this, she is the one to suggest firing the Lightmass Missile at Karn and goes along with it even when it is against the rules. When ordered to arrest Paduk and Baird, she chooses instead to rescue another squad in trouble and continue with the plan and nods her ascent when the squad is threatened with execution if they use the missile. At some point after the battle, she leaves the COG to be with Paduk and they start a community of survivors in the ruins of Halvo Bay that is made up of both COG and UIR people who don't care about their former national identities. According to Paduk, Sofia is kidnapped by a group of Locusts to an unknown fate. Paduk manages to kill one and learns that at least that one and presumably the others were actually Gears, increasing his hatred of the COG.