Richard Prescott (voiced by Charles Cioffi in Gears of War 2[9] and Dwight Schultz in Gears of War 3[10] ) is the ex-chairman and dictatorial military leader of the COG. He was a Gear during the Pendulum Wars but never saw combat. Prescott mandates several sweeping authoritarian powers to the government to control the remaining human population and fight off the Locust Horde. These actions have made him unpopular with those who feel the COG has overstepped its bounds in the name of security. Shortly after the sinking of Jacinto, Prescott abandons the COG forces for 18 months during which the government quickly falls apart and the remaining COG forces are left to fend for themselves. This makes him hated by most, if not all of the former COG civilians and soldiers. He returns to the COG remnant at the beginning of Gears of War 3 with news that Adam Fenix has discovered a way to destroy all the Lambent and Locust forces. The Lambent shortly assault their position, and Prescott is mortally wounded in the ensuing battle. Before dying, he discloses Adam's location to Marcus and gives him the key to the data disk A2897 which Hoffman carries.