Marcus Fenix CG Art

Sergeant Marcus Fenix (voiced by John DiMaggio) is the main protagonist of the series. Marcus led a promising military career during the Pendulum Wars. During the Battle of Epyhra, he abandoned his post to rescue his father, Adam Fenix. Marcus is unable to save his father and is later court-martialed and sentenced to 40 years in a dilapidated prison. At the beginning of Gears of WarDom Santiago, his best friend and long-time comrade, liberates Marcus from the prison. He is recruited to help the ‘Delta Squad’ deploy the light-mass bomb, but the group sustains heavy casualties during their mission. When their commanding officer, Lt. Minh Young Kim is killed in battle, Marcus is promoted to the lead of the group. He retains the position throughout the Gears of War trilogy, and plays a pivotal role in helping humanity defeat the Locust Horde and Lambent forces. He is instrumental in the destruction of both species, personally killing the Locust Queen and having a major role in the deaths of the two Locust Generals, RAAM and Skorge. He is in love with Anya Stroud, though he does not outwardly display affection to her much.