Private Garron Paduk (voiced by Chris Cox) is a Gear soldier in the COG army and a member of Kilo Squad. During the Pendulum Wars he served as a Major in a militia unit for the Union of Independent Republics in his homeland of Gorasnaya. After Gorasnaya was devastated by the Locust, Paduk and some of his fellow countrymen were rescued by COG naval forces, and he joined them to take revenge upon the Locust. Despite hating the COG, he follows Baird's lead during the Battle of Halvo Bay and saves Colonel Loomis' life despite his intense hatred for the man, though he rejects Colonel Loomis' hand when he offers it to shake. Sometime after the battle, Paduk leaves the army and Sofia joins him and they start a relationship, establishing a survivors' community in the ruins of Halvo Bay that isn't Stranded and is made up of both COG and UIR members. Seventeen years after he last saw them, Baird and Cole return to the city with Clayton Carmine to look for a ship to take them to the island of Azura. Paduk leads them to the ship, refusing to join his own people in safety until he's finished helping, but Paduk refuses to join the assault, revealing that Sofia was kidnapped by a bunch of men, at least one of whom was a Gear which makes him hate the COG even more. Telling Baird that if they are to remain friends they must never see each other again, Paduk leaves to rejoin his own people.