Private Dizzy Wallin (voiced by Peter Jason) is a Gears Conscript who comes from a family of Stranded rescued by Operation Lifeboat, a COG program which evacuated Stranded families to COG-controlled safe zones in exchange for the able-bodied men of the family serving in the military.[7] In Gears of War 2 Dizzy operates an Assault Derrick he named Betty, which is used as part of a COG assault on Landown. Before the grindlifts activate after arriving at the town of Landown, where the assault began, Dizzy and Delta squad are attacked by Skorge. Along with Tai Kaliso, Dizzy remains behind to hold Skorge off while Dom and Marcus tunnel underground in the grindlifts. After Delta finds Tai who commits suicide afterward, believed Dizzy was killed by Skorge. In Issue #7 of the Gears of War Comic, it is revealed that Dizzy ran away from the battle after Tai insisted that he escape. He is found alive and well in the novel Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant, where he rejoins the COG after the destruction of Jacinto. In Gears of War: Anvil Gate he remains a Gear, but people (except for other Gears, particularly Delta Squad) look down on him for being a former Stranded. However, he's trusted by Delta Squad and even Colonel Hoffman and participates in the battle to protect Vectes in the book and survives. InGears of War: Coalition's Endd more backstory is given on him and he moves to Anvil Gate with Hoffman and his daughters when the COG disbands. In Gears of War 3, while on a supply run for the fort, he comes under attack by Locust forces and is rescued by Delta Squad who are nearby and hear his distress call. Dizzy helps defend the fort against Locust and Lambent attack and offers his assistance as a former member of the merchant navy in piloting a submarine. Dizzy drives the fuel tanker to Mercy and defends it and is used as a hostage by Aaron Griffin to ensure Delta's cooperation. In the attack that follows, only Dizzy and Aaron survive before Delta rescues them. Dizzy repairs and pilots the submarine to Azura and remains off-shore during the final battle in case Delta needs the submarine for a quick escape. When the battle ends, Dizzy comes ashore and reunites with Delta and the other Gears and watches as Marcus and Anya sit on the beach and contemplate the future. Though originally conscripted as a driver, he becomes popular with the infantry soldiers and becomes an able infantryman.