Corporal Damon Baird (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is a cynical, smart-mouthed and skeptical soldier, whose main strengths lie in his intelligence. In Gears of War, he often makes sarcastic remarks and frequently undermines Fenix's authority. Baird is initially a member of Alpha squad, but is folded into Delta squad along with Augustus Cole. Baird is a very capable mechanic and hacker (Baird wanted to be an engineer -something his wealthy parents disapproved of). Early in Gears of War, Baird expresses disdain for Fenix, and indicates that he thinks he should have been promoted to lead Delta squad. However, Fenix quickly earns his respect through his battlefield leadership. In Gears of War 2 he and his jumpmate Tanner are taken prisoner by the Locust and Tanner is killed; Baird is rescued by Delta Squad.

In Gears of War 3 Baird is needed to repair the Hammer of Dawn for Hoffman and succeeds in doing so. In the second half of Act III and in Act IV, his whereabouts with Cole remain unknown till the final act when they both arrive with backup from the UIR in the final battle with the Locust and Lambent. Despite his usual indifference, Baird displays genuine sorrow at the death of Dom and later Adam Fenix and helps rescue Adam and fight off Queen Myrrah to allow Adam to activate his weapon.

Baird is the main protagonist in 'Gears of War Judgement . He previously held the rank of lieutenant and leader of Kilo Squad. After using a weapon known as the Lightmass Missile to try to kill General Karn, Baird was put on trial for his actions and while the charges were ultimately dropped, Colonel Loomis demoted him to private and destroyed any chance of him becoming an officer again.