Private Clayton Carmine (voiced by Michael Gough) is the eldest of the three Carmine brothers. He is more muscular than his brothers and is an experienced soldier. Clayton bears tattoos on his arm to honor Anthony and Benjamin. Clay made his first appearance in Gears of War 3. Before the game's release, Epic created a fan voting contest, which would determine whether Clayton would survive or die at the end of the game. Clayton manages to avoid death multiple times throughout the game and ultimately survives a helicopter crash during the final assault on Queen Myrrah, becoming the only surviving Carmine brother.

Carmine appears in Gears of War: Judgement where he joins Baird and Cole in their mission to Halvo Bay to get a ship to travel to Azura. He aids them and their old friend Garron Paduk in getting the ship and is surprised that Baird and Cole even know Paduk who is a former Gear and squadmate of theirs.