Private Benjamin Carmine (also voiced by Michael Gough) is a rookie soldier that joins Delta squad at the beginning of Gears of War 2. He is the younger brother of Anthony and Clayton Carmine. He receives training from Marcus and Dom in the game's tutorial, during which he reveals that he was Anthony Carmine's brother; this may be missed if player chooses to skip the tutorial and head into the game straight away. He is reluctant to fight in combat due to his inexperience, but eventually earns praise from Marcus. Once Benjamin and his squad arrive in the Hollow, he is the sole survivor and tags along with Marcus and Dom. As Delta squad is escaping from the Hollow, Benjamin is shot and wounded while defending Delta Squad from the Locust. He manages to make it back to the squad's extraction helicopter, but falls out of it once the Riftworm emerges. He and the helicopter are both swallowed by the worm. Benjamin is mortally wounded and dies inside the worm.

Ben had a letter to Clayton Carmine which was picked up by Marcus after Ben died and given to Clay, who was full of rage hearing that both of his brothers were killed in action. Ben appears in a nightmare Marcus has of his father's death, fighting alongside him and Anthony in the effort to rescue Adam.